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My primary website, www.creation6000.com, has articles on my autobiography, both personal and as a scientist on academic staff, which are helpful to understand why I was persecuted at the Australian University for believing in biblical creation as the true origin of life. The discrimination against me on campus affected 28 years of my academic career. Elements within the university made many attempts to have me fired. Students and the media complained for having a creationist on staff.

On my primary website I have many articles on evidences for creation, a series of 15 articles from which one can deduce the age of the Earth from the whole of scripture, not just from the first two chapters of Genesis. I stress from the whole of Scripture because the whole of Scripture does not support literal 24-hour days for the creation, but 1000-year days. We remember that there were no solar days until the fourth day, and secondly, the Hebrew word for day (YOM) is used in Genesis 1 and 2 for four different lengths of time. It becomes evident once you see it from a new perspective! The whole of the Bible is harmonious with 1000-year days for the creation. God does not immediately reveal what He has hidden in the scripture neither did the sayings of Jesus make immediate sense. When Jesus referred to the necessity of drinking His blood and eating His flesh many were offended. The crowds no longer followed him. We are in the same situation today when we confront what Genesis really meant by a ‘Day’ (“YOM” in Hebrew). Does this offend you?

The search for Christian unity is uppermost in my heart. Christian unity will only come once the churches accept a uniform doctrine throughout the churches. There is no disunity within the trinity about what they believe neither should there be disunity on matters of doctrine in the church. In John Chapter 17 Jesus prayed that we should be one, even as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are one. There should be no schism in the body of Christ world-wide (1 Corinthians 12:25). The apostle’s exhortation would apply to all aspects of fellowship and fellowship in the world, in particular.

On my primary website I liken the present body of Christ to three friends going to the same football match, but not supporting the same club. However, they all love football just like we all enjoy the benefits and ethics of Christianity. The friends agree to disagree and proudly display where their loyalties lie. Each is hoping that their team will win, not their opponent. In the same way division in the body of Christ will continue to prevail while we maintain the mindset to agree to disagree for the sake of friendship – surely that is not unity! It is helpful and we need the bond of peace, but it is not unity. Ecumenical ministers’ conferences are tremendous if ministries return with a changed heart, but if they continue to practice different doctrines, according to tradition and staid constitutions, then nothing will have changed! Jesus said that tradition kills the gospel. Networking for its own sake will achieve nothing.

Friendship between Hawthorn and Carlton supporters on creation6000.com

Friendly supporters of two different football teams agreeing to disagree. A principle illustrating what is false about current day Christian unity. Copyright creation6000.com


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