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Is Christianity true?  Is the Bible trustworthy? What should I believe about a six-day creation?

As I have also done on my primary website I welcome all in whom the life of Christ is expressed regardless of creed or denomination. One of my main purposes is to foster Christian unity in accordance with the desire of the Lord Jesus as expressed in His prayer to the Father in John Chapter 17. My intention is to build up your faith in the Word of God.

I desire to lift up the life of Jesus Christ in all that I write and share the fellowship God has granted me by revealing His Word especially in relation to the creation and end-times. As friends of God He wants to share His will and purposes as we enter the last generation that awaits His return.     Charles Pallaghy, CEO creation6000.

Difficult decision about the creation by

What is the truth?

Catholic, Protestant, Pentecostal or whatever? Christianity seems so crazy! So divided! But God is in control. Everything will be resolved in the time of the end. According to what Jesus said we have entered the time of the ‘Beginning of Sorrows’ (Daniel 12:4; Matthew 24:8; Mark 13:8).

To answer the first question “Is Christianity true?” it is important not to be anxious and to believe that God wants to give you the answer. God knows your heart; He knows whether you are really seeking the truth. He will reward you with the truth!

What about the Bible’s claim that God created in six days? If God is God then for Him all things are possible. The Bible is God’s revelation to mankind about Himself. The Trinity can be understood. God as three persons is right throughout the New Testament and even in the book of Genesis where the plural word in Hebrew is used for God – Elohim. This is why Elohim was able to say ‘Let US make man in OUR image’. It’s throughout the Bible in black and white.

The Bible is His story. Moreover the Bible is HIStory – scientific, ecological and social history. Since I am a chemist, genetic engineer and possess a PhD in biophysics, I can verify that the Bible contains scientific truths about the creation that no scientific experiments in a laboratory can match. You can view my scientific credentials on my primary website  ( and more than 43 research papers on the internet. I am co-owner of a patent and have contributed content in books. The intricate wonders of the creation are phenomenal. A well-known neurologist in Tasmania said the brain is more complex than the most advanced computer yet designed and all in mushy soft tissue that has been granted for use licence free, to every individual.

In the 49th issue of ‘Alumni’, University of Tasmania, 2017, Associate Professor Tracey Dickson says that our brains are truly amazing, ‘Despite its humble appearance the brain truly is an amazing organ. How it performs many of its functions is still a mystery, but we and others around the world are working hard on this. The brain is made up of 100 billion nerve cells all connected in a complicated series of networks via 176,000km of axons and 100 trillion specialized junctions known as synapses. With this level of sophistication it is no wonder that even the most advanced computer is still unable to come close to its abilities’. Associate Professor Dickson ought to know. She is the Deputy Director at the Menzies Institute for Medical Research.

Man can’t go back in time. Scientists committed to naturalistic explanations on origins can only speculate about past events. Chemists and biologists can only speculate about the origin of life and are stumped every time when one inspects their methodologies and findings! Stephen Hawkins will find a rude awakening. The intricately coded DNA and how it is passed on within cells and to future generations is testimony that an intelligent power designed it. That evidence is demonstrated on my primary website. While DNA is the book of biological life the Bible is the book that pertains to life. It is also tomorrow’s newspaper – it is a prophetic book.

The Old Testament contains about 100 prophecies about Jesus all of which came true. The Bible also contains all the clues needed to deduce the true age of the Earth and what God really meant by six days. When the Hebrew word for ‘Day, YOM’ is read in context in the opening chapters of Genesis an open mind will realize that there are four separate occasions when the word for day is anything but 24-hours. Check it out and see for yourself that what I have said is true!

For example, ‘These are the generations of the heavens and of the earth when they were created in the day (YOM) that Jehovah God made the earth and the heavens’ (Genesis 2:4). Does God here say that ‘these generations -plural’, referring to the whole six days of creation, were all made in one 24-hour day? No, He is saying that the whole of creation, all six days, took place in one YOM. You will therefore notice in Genesis 1 and 2 that YOM is used for four different lengths of time. So how can creationists dogmatically insist that each day was 24-hours when, in Hebrew, the words ‘evening‘ and ‘morning‘ were also used to denote the start and end of an unspecified period of time? Moreover, solar days did not even exist for days 1-3 of the creation.

Therefore, Genesis Chapters 1 and 2 must be not be read in isolation, but in conjunction with the entire word of God to decide what God actually meant keeping in mind that God’s prophetic time scale is different from ours. For instance, in the book of Hebrews it is stated that there remains a day of rest for the people of God, which refers to the 1000-year millennium with Christ that is still in the future.

To jolt us to our senses God reminds us that He thinks differently to us. For instance, from God’s perspective a day starts in the evening, He chose Hebrew to be read backwards and God sovereignly altered the calendar of the Hebrews, in the days of Moses, by calling their 1st month, His seventh month. He thereby established a religious calendar which assured that His appointed Feast of Tabernacles would fall into the 7th month. Seven is very symbolic in the Bible and is linked to end times and to the book of sevens, Revelations. On top of it, against all expectations, Jesus was born to paupers and rode into Jerusalem on a donkey confounding the carnal mind.

The whole of the Bible reveals the true age of the Earth so we must not depend solely on the early chapters of Genesis alone. We must inquire how those statements sit within the entire prophetic framework that God has provided in both the Old and New Testaments. The Old Testament was not the complete story about the age of the Earth. True seekers need to re-examine what they read in Genesis with what is in the entire Bible. The Word of God cannot be fragmented to a few sections only with the expectation that God will honour that. God promised in the book of Daniel that towards the time of the end knowledge will explode (Daniel 12:4). Daniel 24:12 is not restricted to our mind-blowing advances in science but also to an unfolding in understanding the Word of God.

That requires an open heart of course. The heart that God is opening will be willing to patiently inquire anew and not bend to tradition. For this reason I have carefully constructed 15 articles on my primary web site to progressively present the true age of the Earth. It is in agreement with what some churches have already believed for a long time.

Is Christianity true? Is the Bible Trustworthy?

If you are in this position I can fully empathize with you. I had the same predicament in 1975. I began to believe that ‘a god’ had created, but who? I had been brought up in a semi-Christian home but never once did my father have a really good talk to me about salvation – and I was already 36 years old. My problem at the time was that in Ireland Catholics and Protestants were killing each other. In Lebanon Priests were on the newsreels shooting at Muslims with automatic weapons. What was I to do? As a young child I had loved the Bible ( Now that I was an adult I thought I knew better. So I turned my back on the Bible and on Christians who I was convinced were a bunch of hypocrites. Whichever god created the world could not possibly be the Christian God. Perhaps He was one of those Asian gods? After all, the Asian students I met were so polite and nice to me.

God knew my heart. He knew I was seeking the truth. He is not going to let a sincere seeker go unrewarded. He certainly did not let go of me! Over the next 6 months or so all sorts of strange things began to happen, which progressively drew me closer and closer to my conversion to Christ. If He did it for me He will do it for you!

Once I became a new creation in Christ my eyes began to be gradually opened. In those days the warring between Christians in Ireland was really a war between two social groups who had no faith in Christ – no faith whatsoever. They found it easy to blow up each other with bombs – ditto for the religious orthodox priests in Lebanon who took up arms. The Irish situation had blocked my conversion to Christianity.

As a young man I was really a rather selfish person even though I thought myself considerate to others. Only after my conversion did I realize how awfully I had treated my parents and sister. I had been very self-seeking. All I thought about was being with my girlfriend Milena, no matter what. I stopped helping them at home ( I did not even care about how my parents would feel and the trauma I caused them when I tried to commit suicide before I got married.

charles pallaghy on Creation Science

Charles Pallaghy, founder of

Once I began life as a born-again Christian I was confused who to pray to – the Father or the Son and what about the Holy Spirit? It was all so confusing. Slowly I began to understand. My understanding has grown ever since to realize that the Holy Spirit is a person and yet our fellowship is to be with the Father and the Son. So where does this leave the Holy Spirit?

In the article ‘The Trinity Explained’ you will come to understand that the Holy Spirit under-girths everything. He is the one who facilitates our fellowship with the Father and the Son.

‘May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all. Amen’ (2 Corinthians 13:14).

Grace to you, and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ‘ (2 Thessalonians 1:2).

More Questions

Have you been mystified by the concept of a triune God? Have you been convinced that Christian unity is impossible? What is hindering Christian unity on Earth? Some answers are obvious (See ‘Visions from God on Unity’ on this website). What about the creation? Is the Bible true? These and many other questions are answered much more comprehensively on my primary website I explain this in my progressive, 15 sequential blogs on the primary website. On that website I deduce the age of the Earth by appealing to the precise measurements of the temples, as given to Moses and King David, and to the symbolic meanings of numbers in the scripture (Biblical Numerology). God put numbers for a specific reason into the Bible. Turn also to the next page for more on this.

Certainly a diversity of translations enrich our understanding of the Word of God, but translations that convert cubits to metres and feet, and other measures, such as coinage into dollars or pounds,  rob the readers from truly understanding the deeper messages that God has deliberately woven and hidden into the scriptures. When God sent ten plagues upon Egypt it is significant why He sent ten and not some other number!

My primary website has many other Christian articles as well as my photos of the month which Google tells me are very popular. The gallery always has something new of interest. I welcome you to submit your own photos of interest with copyright to you to:


My two websites, and were made at great personal cost. Why do I say that?

For 28 of my years on tenured academic staff at an Australian University in the Biological Sciences I suffered immensely (See video below). As a Bible believing Christian I was despised, derided, scorned and gagged from speaking out against evolution theory. Yet recent research utilizing DNA barcodes on humans and animals are throwing evolution theory into crisis yet again. Stephen Jay Gould’s work in 1972 on the lack of transitional fossils forced him to invent the theory of Punctuated Equilibrium, vindicating my belief in biblical creation.

Gould remained living his life out as an evolutionist despite the lack of fossil evidence. David and Richard Attenborough seem to be heading the same way. Michael Denton published a well-read book ‘Evolution: A Theory in Crisis” in 1985 which spawned scientists around the world, particularly Dr. Michael Behe and Phillip Johnson, to proclaim a new way of looking at the universe “Intelligent Design” without advocating the Creator God of the Bible.

Having worked at the same university as Dr. Denton I can verify claims in Wikipedia that he rejected a six-day creation when I talked with him. Despite the continuing crises in evolution theory the University schemed to get me fired many times because I kept revealing the debacle. In the end, in a moment of uncontrolled heat, the university forced me to destroy all the DNA inventions I and my PhD students had created.

There was one thing the university could not destroy. I owned a patent on gene-manipulated clover on which they were co-authors.

In 2018 I felt the urge to speak out on my experiences at university (1971-2004). My two chief antagonists, a Dean of School and a Head of Department died about 14 years before my retirement.  I have since considered their deaths premature. God is not mocked nor to be taken lightly. Please watch my 3 minute video prepared for the Victorian branch of the UK-based Barnabas Fund in April 2018. The Fund helps persecuted Christians around the world.

When they passed away other Heads of Department and the Victorian Department of Agriculture began to help me for the last 14 years of my working life. I eventually retired amiably as a genetic engineer in 2004.

Close colleagues shared legal reasons that had prevented the university from firing me. It was God who protected my job, my family and sanity all those years. My children sought academic jobs in their own right, one a physicist and one a microbiologist. Both received top awards at university, but became targets for discrimination in the scientific community because of their father. Consequently they only found lowly jobs.


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